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Sign Up with Kickbooster and  Earn 10% 
On All Sales Brought In By Your Referrals

Going Live March 5th, 2019!

How It Works:

  1. Sign Up
  2. Get Your Own Unique CRM Referral Link
  3. Share Your Link the Day We Go Live (3/5/19) and throughout Our 45-Day Campaign
  4. Earn a 10% Commission on Each Sale Referred by Your Unique CRM Tracking Link During the Campaign
  5. Get Paid Within 10 Business Days of Campaign Completion

Kupper Mounts Bike Racks

Kupper Mounts bike carriers are one of the most affordable, portable, secure, convenient & quick-to-install bike racking systems in the world. They will fit any car, truck or SUV, regardless of country.

And, the Kupper Mount is not only the world's most portable, compact bike rack on the planet, but also the most affordable!!

Why Bikers Love Kupper Mounts Bike Racks

  • It is the smallest, most portable bike rack in the world and can carried in an averaged-sized book bag or backpack.
  • Will fit any car, truck or SUV, regardless of country.
  • Easy to Install in under 2 minutes (see YouTube videos).
  • Accommodates road and mountain bikes weighing 45 pounds or less and have a removable front wheel.
  • Yes, with adapter will work for thru-axle bikes.
  • Will not discolor or scratch your vehicle.
  • Not affected by extreme cold or heat, rain, snow or shine.
  • One of the most affordable bike racks on the market and is priced hundreds of dollars below the competition
  • Does not require trailer hitch or a luggage rack!

Join Kickbooster Today and Start Earning a 10% Sales Commission on Every Sale for Bike Carriers that Will Range in Price from $99 to $199

Share a unique CRM sales link with your friends, family members, fellow bikers and bike shop customers and you will earn a 10% sales commission on every sale. 

- For example: 

  • Sell 1 bike rack, earn $9.90
  • Sell 10 bike racks, earn $99
  • Sell 100 bike racks, earn $990

Each week, the price will go up by $10 until we are sold out.  As prices go up so will your sales commissions.

Much Higher Post-Campaign Sales Commissions

The purpose of the crowdfunding campaign is to raise sufficient money to pay for our 1st manufacturing production round of  2,500 to 5,000 bike racks, which will receive very attractive pricing to raise money.  

Once the campaign ends, Kupper Mounts will offer a Keystone prices of $99 and a strict MAP price of $199.  Bikes stores and independent sales reps will be to earn/share 50% to 60% margins depending on monthly sales volume. 

Demo Units will be available once the crowdfunding campaign concludes and will be shipped to our Top Crowdfunding Sales Performers first!

Follow These Instructions:

  1. Click on the orange "Sign Up Now" button to register.
  2. Copy your unique CRM sales referral link.
  3. Share the link on  your Facebook, Twitter, Blog, Website, Email Blasts, Bike Store Newsletters or wherever you'd like!
  4. Once the campaign goes LIVE on 3/5/19 the Kickbooster Dashboard will keep track of up to the minute click-throughs and commissions owed for completed sales.
  5. You can create as many unique sales URLs as necessary.
  6. Bike Stores can setup a unique CRM sales link for every employee, including owners, sales staff and bike mechanics.
  7. Independent Sales Reps can setup individual CRM sales links for each Bicycle Dealer and other Retailers in their network.
  8. Sales Commissions will be paid within 10 business days of Kupper Mounts receipt of the Kickstarter funding check.
  9. Bike Clubs can setup links for every member in order to raise money to build bike trails or fund their bike club, school, guide service, etc. operations.
  10. Requires no upfront purchase, so there are zero risks.


More than 99% of all questions will be answered by watching the following short  YouTube videos:

- Kupper Bike Rack Mounts Features and Benefits - 1:12 seconds

- Kupper Mount 2-Minute, Easy Install - 1:29 seconds

More Information:







Thank You in Advance for Helping Us Launch Kupper Mounts via Our 2nd Successful Kickstarter Crowdfunding Campaign!

We cannot express enough how much we appreciate all your help in getting the word out about Kupper Mount.  We really think all your friends and family will love it and we will take very good care of them. 

Thank you!! 
Andrew Jarrard

This campaign is not accepting new Boosters at this time.
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